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Tips for Lineage Society Applications

Often, we encounter challenges when we begin the application process for joining a lineage society. Aside from gathering accurate and comprehensive documentation, following the 4 tips below can increase your chances of having your application accepted:

1. Organize your documentation: Create a clear and well-organized system for your documentation. This includes labeling and categorizing each document by individual and generation. Make it easy for the reviewers to follow your lineage and verify the information. Clearly identify each generation and make sure the relationship and birth/marriage/death/location information is easily visible.

2. Follow the society's application guidelines: Pay close attention to the application guidelines provided by the society. Follow their instructions PRECISELY, including formatting requirements, documentation submission methods, and any additional information they request. Read the application over and over. Make a copy and mark through the "to dos" as you complete them or verify that they are completed. Failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in delays or rejection.

3. Seek guidance from experienced genealogists: If you are new to genealogy research or are uncertain about certain aspects of your application, consider seeking assistance from experienced genealogists or professionals. This extra step is well worth the time or cost. They can provide guidance, help you navigate challenging research areas, and provide insights into what the society may be looking for in applications.

4. Review and proofread your application: Before submitting your application, carefully review and proofread all the information you provide. Check for spelling and grammar errors, ensure consistency in formatting, and verify that all the supporting documents are included. It's helpful to have another person (preferably a fellow genealogy researcher) proofread it for you, too.

Remember, each genealogy lineage society has its own specific requirements and processes, so it's crucial to tailor your application accordingly.


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