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Read how Brick Wall Buster Cards help family historians succeed



Lots to learn!

It is amazing what I have uncovered by focusing and going slow. I have a lot to learn!

Breaking Down Walls!

Already making progress!

I know I have barely scratched the surface in using the cards, but I am already breaking down some walls!

sticky notes
Writing a Sticky Note

I love these!

Great writing tool!

I love these! I have actually used them in my webinars on "Writing Your Family History" to give an example of a storyboard! They can be used to lay out the plot of a story, as well as to guide you to breaking through those brick walls.

Focus on Planning

Step by Step

I am going back through each ancestor using the kit to determine where I have holes in my research. Then I will use the Research Planning cards to really focus on my next steps.


Great Product!

Perfect timing!

This is a great learning exercise for me as I get back into researching my family. This kit came at a perfect time!

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