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Looking for great webinars or in-person presentations for your genealogy group? Look no further! We have you covered.

We can also set up and host Zoom meetings for you.

We have three presentation options. Each presentation lasts 50 minutes with an optional Q & A time at the end.

1. The overview A New Strategy for Brick Walls presentation is just that, a great, 50 minute overview.

Ever feel like you are engulfed by a pile of research? Do you ever think to yourself, “If I could just get organized, I could solve this mystery?” If so, this presentation is for you! You'll learn about complex genealogy problems feel overwhelming and how to overcome it. (Don’t worry, it’s not you, and you're not alone!) You'll gain a news strategy to simplify information, plan your way to success, and brainstorm to more discoveries.

2. The Brick Wall Buster Methods - Single Topic presentation focuses in-depth on one brick wall busting method for 50 minutes with a Q&A time at the end. This option is a deep dive into one of the below topics of your choice. You'll get an overview of the topic and demonstrations.

3. The Brick Wall Buster Methods - Mix and Match Topics presentation is customizable. Each of the top brick wall busting methods below are introduced and demonstrated in (approximately) 15-minute blocks each. You can mix and match any of the topics. For a 50-minute presentation, choose up to three topics. We are happy to add on any other 15-minute blocks if you'd like a longer presentation.

Available Brick Wall Buster Method topics for options 2 and 3 above:

  • Using Mind Maps to Solve Genealogy Mysteries

  • Untangling and Sorting Same-Named People the Easy Way

  • Discovering Hidden Clues through Collateral Relatives

  • Reading Between the Lines: How Transcribing Can Help You Overcome Brick Walls

  • The Power of the Pen: Writing Your Way Through Brick Walls

  • From 'No' to 'Go': Using What You Can't Find to Your Advantage

  • Take a Second Look: Sifting Your Research to Discover Overlooked Clues

  • The Power of Questioning: How to Think Critically to Break Down Brick Walls

  • Hypothesis Hotspot: Systematically Evaluating Your Theories to Find Answers

Fill out the contact form below for information about our complimentary presentations. The presentations are not sales pitches. You'll simply learn about the techniques and strategies, why they work, and how you can use the methods at home for yourself. 


When you submit the form requesting information, we will follow up to send presentation outlines, speaker resume, and session descriptions.  In the meantime, you can click the button to download a flyer about the presentations.

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