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Extra Card Set

Extra Card Set

Working on more than one research project and need to order more cards? No problem! 


Note: if you are ordering for the first time, choose the number of card sets in the dropdown box on the Brick Wall Buster Cards Boxed Kit product page.


You will get a duplicate set 70 cards that are exactly the same set as the kit contains.

  • Life Fact Cards: Create a timeline for your target ancestor. You will use this information with other groups of cards.
  • Research Planning Cards: Develop your research questions and to-do list. This will also point out areas where you need more work.
  • Writing Cards: Easily create an outline to eliminate writer’s block. Writing out your research is one of the best ways to defeat roadblocks.
  • Discovery Cards: Organize your thought processes and assist in making sure you’ve thought of everything possible.
  • Story Enhancer Cards: Fill in rich details of your ancestor’s life. You’ll be encouraged to think about your ancestor’s personality, their socio-economic status, their home life, etc.
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