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What To (and Not) Do to Crush a Brick Wall

Genealogy research is rewarding! And sometimes frustrating when you reach a dead end, also known as a "brick wall." Here are few quick dos and don'ts for brick walls:

1. Verify your information: Double-check your sources and make sure the information you have is accurate.

2. Collaborate with others: Reach out to other family researchers, join online genealogy forums, and attend genealogy events to network and exchange information.

3. Expand your search: Look beyond the immediate family and consider researching extended family members, neighbors, and even friends.

1. Don't rely on one source: It's important to use information from multiple sources.

2. Don't ignore the little details: Small details can often provide valuable clues and breakthroughs in your research.

3. Don't give up: Persistence pays off in the end.

4. Don't dismiss alternative theories: Consider all possibilities and "what ifs."

Solving genealogy brick walls requires patience, persistence, and a willingness to try new techniques and approaches. By following these dos and don'ts, you can increase your chances of breaking down your brick wall and uncovering new information about your family history.


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