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Have you hit a


A brick wall in genealogy is a roadblock. It's a question with no answer - no matter where we look. And that’s the problem: we've looked everywhere. Ever feel like you are engulfed by all that research that must be masking the answer? Does it seem like it's too much information to process? Do you ever think to yourself, “If I could just get organized, I can solve this mystery?” Or do you read and re-read and re-read facts and records and spreadsheets and family histories because “the answer has to be here somewhere… I’m overlooking it.” Don't worry, it's not you, and you're not alone!


Introducing the Brick Wall Buster Cards System

The good news is that you CAN master the “thought chaos” caused by all that information swirling around in your mind. Read on if you're ready for the solution.

Our brains find answers in two ways. One way is the answer is just, well, suddenly there in a record and we are lucky enough to find it. The other way we discover answers is through analysis and deliberate THINKING. If you’ve looked everywhere but still can't find the answer, that means you'll need to discover it the second way: analysis and thought. That’s why the best, field-tested brick-wall-busting strategies require ACTIVE thought, not PASSIVE reading, skimming and hoping for answers on a computer screen.

Here’s the problem on top of having a brick wall problem: how can you possibly keep all that genealogy research data in your mind long enough to also use those brick wall busting strategies?

You really can’t. Our brains are just not set up to retain lots of facts in our short term memory AND solve a problem at the same time.


Here’s where the Brick Wall Buster Cards kit does its magic. It’s an all-in-one kit that allows you to lay out all your research in your workspace so that it is simplified and you can see it all at one glance. No flipping page to page or screen to screen. You can see it ALL at one time so you no longer have to use precious brain power to remember it all. THEN, because your memory is freed up, you can use those tried-and-true brick wall strategies to solve your mystery.

The Brick Wall Buster Cards toolkit helps you see new links, relationships, conflicts, and holes in your research. Plus, you interact with the research in a new way and engage in activities that transform you from a (passive) data reader/collector into an (active) data user/thinker.

The all-in-one kit includes everything you need to be a problem-solving dynamo! The cards give you instructions so you know you’re doing it correctly. You will organize your research just by following the directions (yes, it’s that easy). You'll gain confidence and reach your goals by simply answering the prompts on the cards. You'll think through the puzzle to find a solution. You'll be answering that question or adding that brick wall ancestor to your tree in no time!

Video overview of Brick Wall Buster Cards
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The Brick Wall Buster Cards system walks you through planning, researching, and problem solving for those tough genealogy problems, a.k.a. brick walls, by:

  • handling research in new ways to find links and relationships 

  • allowing you to see all your research at one glance

  • organizing your research for you (yes, really!)

  • simplifying all the data

  • showing you any gaps, errors, and conflicts

  • creating outlines for biographies & narratives (no writers’ block!)

  • helping you plan and brainstorm your way to success

  • coaching you step-by-step, at your own pace

Plus, if you are new to genealogy research, the kit guides you, start to finish, with planning and conducting research. You'll learn to conduct solid research and how to do everything possible to prevent brick wall problems.


What card sets are in the kit and what do they look like?


5 sets of cards to use with sticky notes

  1. Life Fact Cards

  2. Research Planning Cards

  3. Discovery Cards

  4. Writing Cards

  5. Story Enhancer Cards

Setup cards for each set of cards


is a systematic way for you to ACTIVELY:


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2021 - BWB - Web Icons v1-02.png



2021 - BWB - Web Icons v1-03.png



2021 - BWB - Web Icons v1-04.png



Ready to break through your brick wall?

"This is brilliant! I wish I had thought of these myself.

They help me take my time and think of everything to answer my research questions."


"I love these! I have actually used them in my webinars on writing your family history to give an example of a storyboard! They can be used to lay out the plot of a story, as well as to guide you to breaking through those brick walls."


"I have already broken through some brick walls with these. They help me focus and notice more details.

Plus, they help me slow down enough to really think and solve problems."


"I met my goal!
I was finally was able to compile the research, solve the mystery, find the documentation I needed, and join [the lineage] society!"



Break down your brick wall!

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