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Have you hit a

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A brick wall in genealogy is a roadblock. It's a question we can't seem to answer - no matter where we look. But there is a way to overcome the barriers and find answers!


Introducing the Brick Wall Buster Cards System

Want to find genealogy answers? Frustrated because missing or destroyed information is causing you to hit a roadblock?

As a result, have you created stacks and piles of research only to feel confused or overwhelmed? Unsure about how to piece it all together to find the answer?

We get it.

When you feel frustrated or confused, it means you need to simplify and organize. But HOW do you sift through the piles of research so that you can clarify and find answers? We've created a tool to guide you through the process.

It’s called the Brick Wall Buster Cards, and it is going to become your go-to way to find answers!
Video overview of Brick Wall Buster Cards
Closed box Brick Wall Buster Cards kit
The system was created by a seasoned genealogist with all experience levels in mind. The toolkit contains a deck of cards with questions on them. As you answer the questions, you will defeat roadblocks and discover answers. It is an EASY exercise!

Once you go through the process , you’ll no longer feel confused or wonder how to find the answers. This tool is going to reduce the hassle of constantly re-reading your research, save you time, keep you on track, and give you a clear plan to find answers.

All you have to do is order the kit and answer the prompt questions. You will go from frustrated and confused to a super-organized, problem-solving dynamo!
Got questions or need help? You're supported the whole way. The goal is to help you find answers. If you ever have questions or need support, just reach out. Help is a click away.

Want a Free Presentation about Brick Walls?

We offer free presentations for your society or group! We can host a Zoom session for you, too!

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What card sets are in the kit and what do they look like?

Here's a sample of the 5 sets of cards to use with sticky notes (where you write your answers to the questions on the cards)

  1. Life Fact Cards

  2. Research Planning Cards

  3. Discovery Cards

  4. Writing Cards

  5. Story Enhancer Cards

Sample story enhancer card
Sample writing card
Sample discovery brainstorming card
Sample research planning card
Sample life fact card
Example sticky note used with Brick Wall Buster Cards kit
Sample set up card for writing cards
Sample set up card for life fact cards
Sample set up card for discovery cards
Sample set up card for story enhancer cards
Sample set up card for research planning cards

This is what the setup card for each set of cards looks like

Boxed kit opened and showing inside Brick Wall Buster Cards kit

The boxed kit contains the cards, an instruction book, plus all the supplies you need

"This is genius! This eliminated my confusion. It's so easy to FOCUS and stay on task. And I can't believe it, but I solved my genealogy mystery within days!" - Paula

Brick Wall Buster Cards heading2

is an easy and interactive way for you to:


Visualize Your Target Ancestor's Life and Timeline



Plan Genealogy Research



Brainstorm and Discover Genealogy Research Answers and Solve Mysteries



Write Research into a problem-solving narrative, writing outline



Ready to find genealogy answers?

Brick Wall Buster Cards fanned out
  • How does the system help me?
    Missing information is the biggest challenge we face. Sometimes we can't find the answer no matter how much we look. Then we feel overwhelmed and disorganized by the piles of data we collected while searching for the answer. So we spin our wheels, read through our research over and over hoping the answer will pop out at us. We think "the answer is here somewhere, I just can't see it." The Brick Wall Buster Cards simplifies and organizes your research so that you can piece together the information you do have to find an answer. The system shows you how to use techniques that: allow you to see all your research at one glance organize your research for you (yes, really!) simplify all the data show you any gaps, errors, and conflicts automatically create a narrative outline (and eliminates writers’ block!) help you plan and brainstorm your way to success The process defeats research barriers, organizes your research, keeps you on track, and saves time so you can find answers.
  • Can I just do this in my family tree software?
    The short answer is no. Do you ever feel like you are missing something or that you can't "see" all your research? Information on an electronic screen is tough to use for deep thinking and problem solving. The screens are small, so you can't see everything you need to. Plus, they encourage you to just read and re-read information. But when you physically interact with tangible items like paper and pencil (like the Brick Wall Buster Cards encourages), you begin to use your brain as a power tool to actively think through information and analyze and correlate the pieces of data in a way that will have you discovering genealogy answers in no time. The cards and sticky notes in the kit will have you well on your way to mastering your research!
  • Is the system difficult to learn and use?
    Not at all. Simply use the cards (as many or as few as you want) by placing them on a table, posting them on the wall, or even sorting through them by hand. You will answer the questions and prompts on the cards by writing your answers (which are already in your research files) on sticky notes which you will place in the workspace. That's it. Before you know it, your work is made easy. Once you work through the system, you'll be amazed how much information you discover!
  • What is included in the Brick Wall Buster Cards system?
    The system is a set of cards, used with self-adhesive notes, to work through your genealogy research. Each card is labeled according to its purpose. The deck is split into five smaller groups. Each group of cards correlates to a stage of planning, brainstorming, or writing. Life Fact Cards: Create a timeline for your target ancestor. You will use this information with all other groups of cards. Research Planning Cards: Develop your research questions and to-do list. This will also point out areas where your research needs more work. Writing Cards: Easily create an outline for you to utilize in producing a narrative for your research. This eliminates writer’s block. Writing out your research findings is one of the very best ways to break through brick walls. Discovery Cards: Organize your thought processes and assist in making sure you’ve thought of everything possible to break through the brick wall. Story Enhancer Cards: Help you fill in rich details of your ancestor’s life. You’ll be encouraged to think about your ancestor’s personality, their socio-economic status, their home life, etc. The boxed kit includes all the supplies you need (washi tape, pencil, sticky notes), instructions, and five sets of cards. The digital version includes a PDF of the instructions and the cards which you will print and cut apart to use.
  • Where is the best place to use these?
    These are flexible and can be used anywhere. You can use them on your dining table, desk, spare bed/dresser, or countertop. You can also post them up on a wall, widow, or mirror. (The boxed kit includes a roll of washi tape for the cards if you want to post them on a wall. Washi tape is similar to gentle painter's tape. We recommend that you test a hidden spot first, of course.) You can also use bulletin board paper, a jigsaw puzzle mat, a flip chart/easle, or a whiteboard. You'll get more out of the system if you can spread them out, but if you have no space, you can flip through them in your hand and attach the sticky notes directly to the cards.
  • What if I am new to genealogy? Can I still use these?
    Absolutely. The amazing thing about these is that they will guide you through the research process start to finish. So if you are new to genealogy, you will know exactly what facts you need to find. The research planning cards will teach you how to find those facts. And the rest of the cards will show you how to do more in depth research to avoid common pitfalls and failures. You'll be well on your way to doing good, solid research!
Frequently Asked Questions

Discover genealogy answers!

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